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Plans and Pricing

In-Home Training Options

  • Puppy Preschool
    $1501 3-hour visit
    • Potty-training, Kennel Training, Good Doggy Manners, Socialization Pointers, Nutrition, Good/ Bad toys, Dos and Don'ts of proper puppy rearing. Not to mention all of the advice you could want! Does not include Obedience training.
    • 1 visit lasting approx 3 hours ($150)
  • Puppy Kindergarten
    $5507 Visits*
    • Description: Includes the "Puppy Preschool" Package PLUS... Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Heel, Leave It, Place, Boundaries, and lots more!
    • 7 visits ($550)
  • Adolescent/Adult Basic Obedience
    $4906 Visits*
    • Description: Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Heel, Boundaries, Proper Play, Socialization, Manners, Pack Leader Philosophy, Problem Solving,... and more!
    • 6 visits ($490)
  • New Dog Consult
    $1502-3 Hours*
    • Description: Pack Leader Philosophy, K9 Lifestyle Management, Manners, Nutrition, Exercise, Socialization... and more!
    • 2-3 hours ($150)
  • Buy The Lesson
    $1001 Lesson - 60 Mins*
    • Don't need a full package? Only have one or two things you'd like to teach your dog? Now you can just buy a single lesson with the trainer to work on those couple things you've been wanting to teach your pup.
    • 1 Lesson = $100. 60 minutes to teach your dog up to TWO new skills.

“Home Alone’ Training

  • $65**Per Visit
    •  Your dog is alone all day while you're at work. We come over, let your dog potty, TRAIN it, let it play, TRAIN it again, let it potty one more time, and then we depart.
    • $65 per visit* (Discount for multiple dogs.) Visits are approx 45 -60 minutes in length
    • Minimum of 10 visits for new clients
    • Call to schedule a complimentary Meet-n-Greet and discuss training details.

Group Lessons and One-Time Workshops



  • Group Puppy Preschool
    $753 Classes*
    • Socialization, Potty-Training, Manners, Pack Theory, Play Management, and more!
    • 3 Classes - $75 (Check Calendar for upcoming classes)
  • Group Puppy Kindergarten
    $3507 Classes*
    • Puppy Preschool PLUS Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Walking Nicely on Leash
    • 7 Classes - $350 (Check Calendar for upcoming classes)
  • Group Adolescent & Adult Obedience
    $3006 Classes*
    • Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Heel,
    • 6 Classes - $300 (Check Calendar for upcoming classes)
    • This class isn't for shy, aggressive, skittish, or highly reactive dogs.
  • Pulling Pooch Heeling Workshop
    $4545 - 60 Mins*
    • Tired of your dog dragging you down the street? Learn to teach your dog to walk calmly next to you.
    • 45-60 min ($45) (Check Calendar for upcoming classes)
  • Rock-Solid Recall Workshop
    $4545 - 60 Mins*
    • Does your dog blow you off when you yell "Come"? Then you don't want to miss this workshop.
    • 45-60 min  (Check Calendar for upcoming classes).
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification
    $20Per Class*
    • $20 Conducted in Group only (Check Calendar for upcoming classes)

Behavioral Consultations for Troubled Dogs

  • Behavioral Consultations for Troubled Dogs
    $15090 minutes*
    • Are you having issues with your dog, but don't need Obedience lessons (marking in the house, showing aggression, fearfulness, inter-pack fighting, etc.), then give us a call and we'll come to your home and help work on your dog's issues.
    • 90 minutes- first visit. ($150) (Multi-visit discounts available)

Boarding School

  • Boarding School
    Callfor Pricing
    • Can't train your dog yourself due to time, travel, environment, or failed past attempts? Send your dog to us to work on its manners, social skills, and obedience. To ensure your dog receives as much training as it can handle, we limit our boarding school to only 3 dogs at a time. ($500 per week, 2 week minimum)
    • Call for a consultation and availability
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