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Got a New Puppy for Christmas? Time to Get It Trained!

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So Santa brought you and your family a cute little puppy for Christmas. Congratulations! If this is your first dog, welcome to the club of Dog Owners! Your life will likely not be the same here-on out.

Now that the festivities have passed, and the tree and lights are securely stored back in the garage, it’s imperative that all focus be directed onto that new wiggly addition. Hopefully, the excitement of having a new puppy hasn’t waned as well. Your attention should now be directed towards training. Whether you know it or not, your puppy is learning every single second of the day. If you are not training your puppy the DESIRED behaviors, then it will learn UNDESIRED behaviors https://viagrafromuk.com/viagra-uk/. Time is of the essence; so get started right now!

The benefits of early training are many:

  • Early Socialization prevents phobias and fearfulness/ aggressiveness later on. It opens the door to fun opportunities.
  • Early Obedience teaches good mechanical skills which have countless functional uses around the house and out in public.
  • Early Potty-Training eliminates frustration with the dog, and a stinky house.
  • Early Manners teaches the puppy how it needs to behave around his family so his presence is always welcomed.
  • Early Control can save a puppy’s life by teaching him to “Drop it” or “Leave It” or just to avoid certain situations.
  • Early Owner Training can help understand why dogs do the things they do, how your dog’s breed will likely behave, what developmental phases you will encounter, how to create a safe environment for the puppy, and how to be proactive when it comes to privileges and consequences.

One of the biggest benefits of early training is that it increases the likelihood of staying with its family for its entire life. If we hold off training for some future date, the puppy is likely to get into mischief and become a nuisance around the house. Often, untrained dogs are the ones who end up being dropped off at the pound, or bounce from home-to-home-to-home.

Some Veterinarians are still of the mindset that your puppy shouldn’t leave the house until it’s received all of its vaccines, limiting training lessons to in your home only. Research has shown that puppies of 6-12 weeks of age who aren’t properly socialized (trips into public) will likely grow up to be dogs with various phobias towards people, noises, objects, vehicle rides, new environments, and different obstacles. It is IMPERATIVE that you start your puppy’s training as soon as possible to avoid all of the headaches that come from living with an untrained dog! Yes, there is always a risk of exposure to a virus when we step out the front door, but if we are smart about WHERE we take our puppy, we minimize the risk. Conversely, failure to properly train and socialize our puppy during the earliest stages will surely cause countless headaches for them (and YOU) down the road.

Don’t let that wiggly Christmas gift become one of regret. Start its training right away!

We offer Private Training in the North Valley. Give us a call today and we’ll help you get your new addition up and running.



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